Visual identity for the creative studio

Kamimura, the predecessor of Kamimura & Co. Inc. was established with the aim of contributing to progress any things and activities by the technology of design and typography.

In particular, what we emphasize is the technology of typography: exploring communication methods using letters. Humans have been working on about the big influence of each small letter brings for a long time since ancient times. Due to the rapid development of technology and the rise of digital media, today's people live surrounded by a large number of letters unprecedented in the past. In this era, typography works as a very useful "tool" to create new value.

Kamura Design Co.,Ltd。Kamura图像设计的前身成立,旨在通过设计和排版技术为所有活动的进展做出贡献。

特别是,我们强调的是使用字母探索通信方法的“排版”技术。 关于每个小写字母带来的巨大影响,人类自古以来就一直工作到现在。 由于技术的迅速发展和数字媒体的兴起,今天的生活被大量信件所包围,这些信件在过去是前所未有的。 无论网页WEB设计还是画册设计,在这个时代,排版作为创造新价值的非常有用的“工具”。

Logotype | Kamimura
Logotype variations | Kamimura
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Our logotype doesn’t have a specific shape. It’s always optimized to readable form like people change their clothes according to their location and circumstances. Our identity is not a fixed shape but “search for readability”.
我们的标识没有特定的形状。 随着人们根据位置和情况改变衣服,这种标识也被优化为始终可读的形式。 我们的身份不是固定形式,而是“寻求可读性”。
Typeface 01 | Kamimura
Typeface 02 | Kamimura
Letters and their shapes have been developed according to the contents using it for a long time. In our studio, we use an original typeface which enables advanced visual control for multiple media.
已经根据使用它的内容长期开发了字母及其形状。 在我们的工作室中,我们开发并使用专用的面部,允许对每种媒体进行视觉控制。
Printed materials
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Wayfinding | Kamimura
There are still many areas where typography is underdeveloped. We expect there is huge potential for typography on digital media. In the near future, we would read digital media like paper books.
仍有许多地方排版不发达。 数字媒体的排版仍处于转型期,我们感受到了巨大的潜力。 当您阅读书籍时,您阅读数字媒体的那一天可能不会到目前为止。
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