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发布日期: 2017-10-11



Sustainability is a pressing issue in fields like architecture, but it's relatively rare in the world of branding design. This facet of the graphic industry, however, is getting an "ecological transformation." Through the design company Ecobranding, they tweak logos and optimize them so that they use less ink and energy when reproduced. By making small changes to the branding - such as "hollowing out" a once-solid shape - Ecobranding says they can save 10% to 40% in printing costs, with the essence of an identity remaining the same. Limiting the use of ink can save millions of dollars on a global production. Ecobranding has shown example concepts with some of the most recognizable brand design out there. From FedEx to Nike to Starbucks, they calculate that with their help, these companies could use up to 39% less ink. (See photo)

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